Social Services

The social services budget, the second largest of the municipal budget, is directed to the welfare institutions that offer quality service and a supportive atmosphere to various populations, including a multidisciplinary service for the hearing and sign impaired, daycare centers for populations suffering from intellectual disabilities, parent-children centers, centers for alcoholics and gambling addicts, hostels for the aged and single adults, and more.  The regional departments maintain direct contact with the residents and several new structures have been added to the welfare services in recent years.

“Ashdod – Israel’s city of volunteers” stands out with dozens of organizations and volunteers who work for the community and its social services.



As a strategic array and as part of the municipal policy, the health department strives to promote health initiatives within the community, including “Healthy Lifestyle”, “Proper Nutrition”, “Ashdod Drinks Water” and more.  The educational systems conduct various activities as part of the “Health Promoting School” and “Health Promoting Kindergarten” projects.  The family health clinics are dispersed throughout the city.  The health department also operates consulting centers, the dental clinic and the vaccination and consulting center for residents travelling abroad.  A new Magen David Adom station is the first establishment of the new health campus, which will also house Ashdod’s public hospital.