Immigration and Absorption

Ashdod is Israel’s leader in immigration absorption and it is proud of its thousands of immigrants who have dramatically contributed to the city’s development in all walks of life – culture and art, music and sports, commerce and industry, education and health, as well as entrepreneurship and small businesses.  Ashdod is proud of its social tapestry and the relations between the veteran populations and new immigrants.  Ashdod initiated Israel’s absorption conference, established the Museum of Valor and Holocaust, dedicated community center activities to the immigrants and it encourages cultural activities derived of the countries of origin, conducting a long line of activities befitting a multicultural city.


The city, which started out with 22 immigrant families, is the fifth largest city in Israel.  Approximately one-third of its residents are immigrants who arrived in the large waves of immigration.  According to its strategic plan, the city’s population is expected to exceed 300,000 in 2025.  About 58,000 students attend the various schools and kindergartens and approximately 150,000 have not yet passed the age of 45.  Ashdod excels in its social tapestry, emphasizing multiculturalism and a proper space to enable each community express its culture and tradition as it did in its country of origin.