Environmetal Quality

Ashdod was declared Israel’s green city for 2013 thanks to its urban planning, attention to issues of environmental protection and its absolute segregation of the residential and industrial areas.  The many parks and green expanses serve as a green lung for the city’s residents.  The largest truck park in Israel enables hundreds of heavy vehicles to park on site, preventing their entry to the residential neighborhoods.  Ashdod encourages curricula that deal with the environment and promote routine initiatives such as separating trash into two groups, recycling and nurturing a green environment and acting as a model city for green transportation.  Ashdod is proud to host Israel Conference on Sustainability.


Tree Planting, Gardening and Landscaping

Ashdod is a city in green.  Thousands of acres of forestry and lawns serve as the city’s green lung, enabling its residents to enjoy outdoor activities in nature.  The city’s boulevards are filled with decorative and fruit trees and the neighborhood outskirts offer many pleasant corners, playgrounds, benches and shaded awnings.  When visiting the large parks, visitors have access to water facilities, trees and play areas.  Animal sculptures made of soil and seasonal plants were born of a special initiative, jointing the hundreds of sculptures dispersed throughout the city.  Ashdod won the “Flag of Beauty” award, the highest award granted by the Council for a Beautiful Israel, and 5 stars of beauty.