Education and Culture


Over 30% of the municipal budget is dedicated to the educational system consisting of dozens of schools, hundreds of kindergartens and daycare centers.  The “Kindergarten to University” educational policy is based on four foundations: achievements, values, equality and excellence.  The high school study majors are diverse and matriculation achievements are among the highest in Israel’s large cities.  Thousands of Ashdod’s youngsters attend academic institutions and a growing number is choosing to study at academic institutions within the city.  Ashdod was awarded the City Educational Award and the municipal educational system’s trophy cabinet boasts hundreds of awards, titles and certificates.

Culture, Art and Sports

Over 50 cultural functions operate throughout the city, including representative bands and orchestras, singing, ballet and dance troupes, ballroom dancing and more.  The cultural events take place throughout the year, culminating in grant concerts and festivals on the largest stages in Israel – the largest amphitheater in Israel and the new and innovative center of performing arts.

Ashdod encourages youngsters to develop their artistic skills through workshops and activities held at the schools.  Throughout the year, Ashdod’s artists display original works, in and outside of Ashdod.  The city’s public institutions are often used to display various exhibitions, making art more accessible to the public.  Ashdod’s museums conduct a broad array of activities, offering various artistic exhibitions – all in addition to the permanent exhibition of Philistine Life at the municipal museum.  There are hundreds of sculptures throughout the city and paintings of nature decorate the electrical cabinets, adding a special and aesthetic quality to Ashdod.

Ashdod – Israel’s sport city and winner of the Minister of Sports Award.  Thousands of the city’s residents participate in some kind of sport.  The city offers them fitness  facilities, walking courses, cycling lanes, sports facilities and gymnasiums, tennis courts, mini-soccer and basketball courts, ice skating rinks, marine sports and even unique sports, such as pétanque, cricket, polo, kayaking and wave surfing.  Ashdod is the only city in Israel with representatives in all senior leagues, hosting quite a few national and international competitions and a regular participant in the Maccabiah games.