Thousands of acres of commercial space are spread throughout the city, attracting extensive commercial-economic activity.  Huge marketing changes and thousands of stores offering goods and famous brands in air-conditioned and designed commercial centers.  Ashdod’s commerce provides employment to thousands of families in the city, offering hundreds of thousands the opportunity to shop while having fun and taking advantage of their leisure time.  Ashdod’s new neighborhoods, HaKirya quarter and the Star Center campus will soon enjoy additional areas dedicated to commerce and economic activities.

Ashdod – a commercial metropolitan area that attracts consumers from the entire area.



Ashdod, a strategic port city, is among the nation’s most important and advanced industrial and logistic centers.  Convenient access routes, excellent infrastructures, a railroad track, strong infrastructure of operating industrial zones and measures being taken to establish a hi-tech park – all of these attract a wide variety of entrepreneurs.  The new Industrial and Commercial Administration, together with the Industrial Administration and Chief Scientist grants, encourages the integration of innovation and R&D in traditional industry, promoting business initiatives and extending the circle of quality employment within the city.